This week’s focus: On Tuesday, ahead of seeing Paul Weller in concert, I met with an old university friend for dinner. I got to the restaurant slightly early and waited for him. After 10 minutes a man walked through the door, and I quickly spotted that it was Gary. I stood up and waved to let him know where I was, but as he walked towards me I realised that it wasn’t Gary, but a total stranger.

The stranger I waved to was similar in height to Gary and had some facial similarities. But he was clearly not Gary. If I hadn’t been waiting and looking out for Gary I wouldn’t have looked twice at this guy.

The things that you’re looking for shape how we see the world. If you’re looking for signs that customers are satisfied with your service, that your teams are slacking, or that a new idea will work brilliantly, you can probably find the evidence you’re after.

Preconceptions are inevitable, but can be dangerous. How do you ensure that your preconceptions don’t blind you to reality?

Off the record: Time Passes by Paul Weller

I saw you today, or at least I think it was

It’s hard to say, we’ve all changed so much

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