This week’s focus: When I was at school we received our school report in June or July, which was followed by a parents’ evening. My eldest son has just started high school and yesterday, three weeks later, we visited his form tutor for an initial update and conversation. The teacher told my wife and me that there are three formal reports during the year, three parents’ evenings and two further tutor reviews. The school was focused, she said, on ensuring that any issues are identified and resolved quickly so that every student progresses effectively.

Which school best reflects your own organisation’s approach to people development and performance management? Do you tend to have annual, post-hoc performance and development reviews or are you engaging in regular, meaningful conversations and reviews that maximize your people’s – and your company’s – chance of success?

Off the record: Getting Better by The Beatles

I used to get mad at my school

The teachers who taught me weren’t cool

You’re holding me down, turning me round

Filling me up with your rules

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