I have recently sent out copies of my new book, First & Fast, to people who had signed up for a free copy. I attached a ‘large letter’ first class stamp to each package. It turns out the stamp was the incorrect postage – I needed to pay a higher rate because of the weight of the parcel.

Here is my subsequent conversation with the lady at the post office:

Me: OK, that’s fine, what’s the rate I need to pay

Post Office Lady: It’s £2.47 to send each letter first class

Me: That’s fine. Can I have 50 of those stamps, please?

Post Office Lady: No.

Me: Why not?

Post Office Lady: Because they don’t make stamps of that value.

Yes, that’s right. The Royal Mail doesn’t actually offer stamps equal to the value of one of their first class postage rates. It’s a bit like McDonalds showing a picture of a Big Mac and then telling you at the counter that they don’t actually make that burger.

As my coach would say, you can’t make this stuff up!

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