Last weekend, together with a group of friends, I cycled The Way Of The Roses, a 170-mile journey from Morecambe (my home town) to Bridlington. Although I’d decided to stay with my parents for the night, I went with the group for something to eat in a local pub before the rest of the guys checked into their hotel.

At around 8.00 pm, as we waited for the food, Dave, our team leader, called the hotel to let them know of our plans. The name of the hotel is The Crown Hotel and, on its website, it describes itself as “Morecambe’s premier boutique hotel” and “cycle-friendly”.

We’re just getting something to eat and then we’ll be over,” said Dave. The person taking the call – we were led to believe it was the manager – refused to accept that idea, however. “Look, why don’t you enjoy your meal – and then find somewhere else to stay!” he eventually said. “I’ve got to be up at 6.00 in the morning, so I’m shutting the hotel and you’re not staying!

Morecambe is not awash with visitors nowadays, and can do with all the business it can get. But if this is an example of Morecambe hospitality it’s no wonder the town is on its knees.

Luckily, our group of nine were able to stay at my parents’ house – thanks mum! – and a friend’s house, but I can’t see any of the rest of the group ever returning to Morecambe.

Is Morecambe’s Crown Hotel the world’s least welcoming, or do you have an even worse example?

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