A CEO I met with recently complained to me that she was feeling guilty that she had shifted her desk from the open plan office to a corner room. She knew she needed some privacy and barrier to get things done, but didn’t want her team to think she didn’t care about them.

Another, recently promoted executive director told me that he was doing his level best to give each team member the level and style of support that they required based on their capabilities and personality. He was worried that he wasn’t giving them the leadership they needed.

As you rise up the corporate ladder you have less time and more demands. Something has to give – and it shouldn’t be you!

Instead, you need to create a leadership style and environment that YOU are comfortable with, and then get your people to work with it, not vice-versa.

So, the CEO shouldn’t feel guilty about her office, but should ask people to book time with her or be available for general conversations at certain times each week. And the new executive director should use his own, natural style to lead his team and ask his team members how they will change their approach to accommodate it.

There is only one leadership style that works – and that’s style that works for you. Are you making too many allowances to try and please your people, when you would be better off focusing on your own strengths, your own needs and your own style?

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