As Victoria Coren Mitchell put it, Captain Tom made it count, didn’t he? In his 100th and final year, Captain Sir Tom Moore not only raised over £30 million for NHS charities, but he also gave hope and optimism to a nation when it needed it most.

Over half of babies born today in the west are expected to live to 100 years or more and, according to the ONS, even 20% of men in their mid-fifties, like me, will reach that milestone.

What do we do with that time? One thing’s for sure, people are going to work for longer. Careers lasting 60 or 70 years will be common, not the exception. And as technology and AI transform the world of work, the need to constantly reinvent yourself will increase exponentially. Education and training will not stop at 18 or 21 but will be a lifelong process.

On a personal level, I’ve spent part of the past six months on a training course with a leading US innovation consultancy (more news to follow), partly because of a personal interest but also to help my business develop over the coming decade.

Longer lives are a gift. They are an opportunity to do more, achieve more and contribute more. Unlike Captain Tom, we might not all be able to bring the nation together as 100-year olds, but if we’re willing to develop, change and adapt we can, in our own way, make it count.

Off The Record: It Was A Very Good Year by Frank Sinatra (written by Ervin Drake)

Now I think of my life as a vintage wine

From fine old kegs

From the brim to the dregs

It poured sweet and clear

It was a very good year

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