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This Week’s Focus: As the UK’s referendum campaign lumbers on, both sides of the argument – the Brexiteers and the Bremainers – periodically wheel out business leaders to support their side of the argument. What’s more, officials from the main business trade associations, such as the CBI and the IOD are increasingly seen on our screens offering their point of view.

The truth, however, is that for most businesses the UK’s relationship with the European Union is just one factor in a kaleidoscope of issues shaping their environment. In fact, the ongoing challenges from the pace of technological innovation, the rise of new, global competitors and rapidly changing customer demands are much more significant to most businesses than the EU question.

As ever, the successful businesses will not be those that, Canute-like, try to control their environment and build a moat around their market position, but will be those that act with focus, speed and agility to make the most of the inevitable changes in their market. It is the companies that are able to spot and exploit new growth opportunities that result from these changes that will win.

It’s not about Bremain or Brexit, it’s all about Brexcellence!

What steps have you taken to think through the new growth opportunities from either referendum result, and how well placed is your business to rapidly exploit those opportunities whatever the outcome?

Off The Record: European Female by The Stranglers

She speaks, her lips are kissing

The air around her face

I don’t always understand her

But I love her air and grace

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