There is only one way for organisations to succeed through and beyond the pandemic: innovation.

Yes, I know that’s what business writers and consultants always say. But the upcoming recession will place huge financial pressure on all organisations. Efficiency improvements and selective cost reductions will be important and necessary, but they will not be sufficient. The only way to avoid competing on price will be to innovate.

The good news is that the pandemic is also creating new customer needs and priorities, giving you the opportunity to discover and deliver new products, services, systems and solutions. That will only happen, however, if you’re (1) open to the possibility of innovation, and (2) capable of developing and bringing-to-market new innovative ideas.

On a personal level, I am investing in my own innovation skills through certified development from the Eureka! Ranch in the US. That way, I will be of more value to my clients through these testing times. Doug Hall, the founder of this innovation consultancy, defines innovation as the creation and delivery of ‘meaningfully unique’ ideas.

What meaningfully unique ideas are you working on at the moment? And what investments are you making in your organisation’s ability to create and deliver bigger, better and faster innovations?

Off The Record: My Own Version of You by Bob Dylan

There’s no real link to the topic of innovation in this song, but it’s from Bob Dylan’s excellent new album, Rough and Rowdy Ways, and I just wanted to share it with you!

All through the summers, into January

I’ve been visiting mosques and monasteries

Looking for the necessary body parts

Limbs and livers and brains and hearts

I’ll bring to some to life, is what I wanna do

I wanna create my own version of you

What’s Your Post-Covid Business Strategy?

Find out how we’ve helped Mentholatum, the owner of Deep Heat, to re-focus their strategy, identify new growth opportunities and get on the front foot to succeed in the post-covid world

In just a few short weeks, Stuart helped us to cut through the uncertainty created by the pandemic and create a new, refreshed strategic plan that will enable us to rapidly bounce back from the downturn and accelerate the growth of our sales, market share and profits.

Rob Yateman, Managing Director, Mentholatum UK

Coronavirus White Papers

I have written three white papers to help business leaders respond to the coronavirus pandemic and crisis.

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Agility For Life

 The crisis has led to faster, more agile decision-making and action across businesses. Applying six key principles can help leaders embed these changes to create ‘agility for life’

Succeeding Beyond The Coronavirus Pandemic

If you want to succeed in the post-Covid world, you need to plan and act fast bow to reshape your business to the new realities and opportunities. Succeeding Beyond the Pandemic gives you a clear, 5-step process to reshape your strategy and accelerate your success.

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